This month my reading/bookstagram/reviewing mojo is coming back. I’ve decided; I’ve had enough of tv and the school holidays are over, so the slump is over. I’m done, I’m kicking that fucker out and forcing my mojo to come back.

This month I’m choosing three of my birthday books, all seconds in their series, as my tbr.IMG_2965

I have some awesome reading ahead of me. I don’t think these authors could write a bad book, so I am super excited.

I would also like to finish of The Lost Sentinel by Suzanne Rogerson and get to a couple of the NetGalley books that were meant to have been read and reviewed well over a month ago.

But let’s be honest, I only read one book in April so even if I only get through two this month, that’s a 100% improvement.

What’s on your reading agenda?

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