It’s my birthday, I’ll buy books if I want too

April book haul

2017 was the year of buying books… hundreds and hundreds of books. 2018 is the year I show restraint, but not in April. It’s my birthday month, which means if I’m super lucky people buy me books or I’m given money and I buy copious amounts of books. This year both happened. So much fantasy goodness came my way. 

For possibly the second time in our eight year relationship my husband brought me books. I love him even more now. I should point out that while he doesn’t usually support my book habit, he did get me my favourite book-case for my birthday last year. Anyway, on to what he got me.

35530652Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence – Book 2 in the Book of the Ancestor series. I fist pumped when I unwrapped this. Fucking stoked. Mark Lawrence’s writing has wormed its way into my heart without me even realising. His characters are next level, their motivations and the way they react to the world around them is always fascinating. I read Red Sister in December and loved it. You can see my review here – Red Sister.

31933093Blood of Assassins by R.J. Barker – Book two in The Wounded Kingdom sereis. Age of Assassins was so good it sent me spiralling into a reading slump. I couldn’t get into a fantasy book for well over a month, maybe even two… It is that good. If you haven’t read it, you are missing out big time. Now I have book two and I’m honestly a little concerned that it will send me back into the black hole that is a reading slump. I’ve heard its better than book 1. How is it i’m nervous and excited for a book? My Review for book one – Age Of Assassins by RJ Barker

37795682The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton – I got the excerpt from NetGalley and damn, the writing, the world, the magic; It is all phenomenal. And then you get the characters, they are brilliant. I’m looking forward to finishing this beast. And yes it is a beast, with 570+ pages. You can see my thoughts on on the first section here – The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton

Next up are the books that I ordered. I don’t know about you, but when I’m book shopping online it takes me a couple of hours. I have to go through my wish list on Booktopia and add all the books I want to my cart, then I have to go through the wishlist on my phone (that’s where I note the books I want that I see on Twitter and Bookstagram) and then I realise that i’m a bit/a lot over my budget. So I go get a coffee, sit down and get to the really hard part, trying to work out how I can get the highest number of books in my cart, for the money I have to spend. Its kind of like a weird book tetris. Sometimes I have to be harsh and ask myself the hard questions, like “You haven’t finished the first book in the series, do you really need book 2?” FYI – the answer was yes, I need more Sam Sykes in my life. “Do you really want to spend $25 on one book, when you could get two cheaper ones?” The answer was also yes because Sanderson! And then the very last step for me, once my cart is full and I am on budget, I add one more book to my cart, because it’s books and I always over spend on books. So much so, that my husband knows if I have a $50 voucher, I’ll spend $70, every single time. Now onto the books.

25181955Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell – This is one of those books i’ve wanted since it was released but never ended up getting. I loved Traitor’s Blade so I’m hoping this will have the same type of wit. Yes I probably should have got the next couple of books in The Greatcoats series, but they didn’t make the cut. Next time.



The Strain – This is another that has been on my wishlist forever. I saw the show mentioned on Netflix and decided I wanted to read the books first.



17250961Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson Anyone who has seen my bookshelves would have expected me to have this book months ago, but the book gods conspired against me (fuck you book depository) and it didn’t happen. Also i’m a tightarse, I can’t afford to spend ridiculous amounts on a book and the hardcover was well over $40, so I had to wait until now before I was able to get the paperback in Australia. It’s book 3 in the Stormlight Archive series and i’m going to have to reread books 1&2 so i have several 1000’s of pages to get through before i’ll be able to pick this one up.

23507511The Mortal Tally by Sam Sykes – Book two in the Bring Down Heaven series. I’m just over halfway through book one and I’m loving it. I probably wont jump straight into this one, but damn it, I need it on my shelves.


14759319Fortress Frontier by Myke Cole book 2 in the Shadow Ops series. Book one was a fun easy read. My review is here Shadow Ops: Control Point by Myke Cole.



I also pre-ordered a couple of books which I never do.

38257046The Grey Bastards by Jonathan French – It’s not out until mid June but Twitter made me do it. I keep seeing peeps posting about it, so of course I must have it in my hands as soon as possible. Click the link to read the synopsis. It sounds so badass.


35052265Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames – Is book two in The Band series. In case you missed the 1000 times I’ve mentioned it previously, Kings of the Wyld was my top 2017 read, so I’m frothing at the bit to get my greedy eyeballs on book two. For some reason I thought it was being released in April and then found out it wasn’t until late August. Yes, I pre-ordered a book four months early and I regret nothing.

So that’s it. Any favourites in there?




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