March… the month I pretty much stopped reading.


I average between five and ten book most months. Sometimes its higher and sometimes a little less. But March, it was a slumpy, illness filled month. My gallbladder decided to play up and it was some of the most intense pain I’ve ever been in, by the 3rd day I was rat shit, totally exhausted. It took two weeks for a full recovery, I still haven’t got my appetite back properly. On the upside I lost 3kg in a week, and I reckon I’ve lost another 2kg since then. I had a week of feeling good, but still no urge to read and then I got my arse kicked by a basic cold. Its been over a week now and I still sound like a man. It’s not a good sound haha.

I finished three books.

7607427Dune – It’s one of those books I’ve been wanting to read for years, but sci-fi isn’t in my comfort zone, it’s an intimidating genre. Plus it often makes me feel so bloody dumb. I finally jumped in and BEST decision. I absolutely loved it. How is it that something  written so long ago, doesn’t feel dated or old? That is a hell of an accomplishment. I loved everything about it. The characters, the world, the story, all of it. Now I need to hunt out book two so I can continue.

36992278I followed that up with a palette cleanser. Promise Me Always by Rhonda Shaw was a quick easy romance, which I kind of savaged in my Goodreads review. I was meant to blog it, but I got pretty self-righteous and pissed off when reviewing it, so I figured a full review of my nastiness wasn’t needed.


IMG_4441I attempted to read A Glimmer of Hope by Steve McHugh but it wasn’t for me. I was 100 pages in and I just didn’t care enough to keep reading. Nothing was grabbing me, which was a bummer as the premise was interesting.


36580821Finally we had Palace of Fires by Bill Bennett which 15yr old me would have loved… The old grumpy version of me wasn’t a fan. For my review click the title.



I’m currently reading two books. Both of which seem pretty good so far, but I’m still struggling with wanting to reading. I do like them, I really do, even though my lack of reading might say otherwise.

My biggest achievement for March was becoming an A-list celebrity on the Kardashian game. Yep, that is how shit I was feeling. Judge on, its ok, I know, I deserve it. I judge myself over this one.

Movie wise I watched a mediocre comedy on Netflix. Game Over, Man! wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen and I did laugh a fair bit, but it wasn’t great either. Adam Devine seemed like he was doing Jack Black impersonations for most of the movie and that just really put me off. NEk7wNpKXasons_1_a

My 4yr old has decided that he needs to watch Voltron from the start again (the new one, I’ve never seen the original), so there has been a lot of that, which is beneficial for me as I missed a lot the first time he watched it. Is it weird that I think Shiro and Keith are quite attractive?voltron-legendary-defenders-cast-1280jpg-d495b1_1280w

Oh and lastly, I almost forgot. I watched the Ricky Gervais special on Netflix “Humanity“. I’ve not seen any of his comedy before, I did see him on an episode of Sesame Street though and its my fave episode. His lullaby was perfect. Anyways, I loved Humanity. It was smart, funny and his observations were pretty much bang on as far as I see it. I love it when anyone calls out the habitually offended and keyboard warriors. And he did that a lot. Gold.Ricky-Gervais-Humanity-1-810x456

And that is it. Like I said, its been a very subdued month for me. Lastly completely off topic but a proud moment non the less….. I rode a horse and didn’t fall off. This may not seem like an achievement to some but as someone who has fallen off, been kicked, stood on or bucked off more times than I can count, it was a big deal. Also I’m never getting on a horse again as they are hell spawn.






2 thoughts on “March… the month I pretty much stopped reading.”

  1. I hope April is going to be a healthier month with lots of reading for you! I’m currently in the middle of The Lost Sentinel myself and I’m enjoying it so far. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on it 🙂


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