Alien Captain by Ariel Jade

A review

I’ve been reading a lot of big books lately, and I was feeling bogged down. I needed something quick as a palette cleanser. I’ve been feeling the need for a little romance and alien smut, so I perused my NetGalley books and decided on Alien Captain. It’s a novella in The Psy-Brothers series by Ariel Jade.


Xaviara is a human diplomat trying to prove herself to her boss. She is part of a diplomatic mission to sign a peace treaty with the Kadyyza. Nicholen is the Captain of the alien guard sent to escort the team on the trip to his planet. When sabotage occurs and Nicholen’s Prince is trapped on a hostile planet, Xaviara and Nicholen must put their sizzling attraction aside to rescue him.

Yes, I just said sizzling attraction and I don’t even feel bad. Because it was sizzling, I loved it. This was a fun read. I was just planning on reading a chapter or two and putting it down, but hell no! Once I started I had to finish it.

The characters were what I would consider typical of this type of romance, but I think what stood out for me was that Nicholen was respectful, it was a mutual connection. There was no behaviour from him that I would consider questionable. Yes he is a total alpha, who is protective of those he loves, but he doesn’t stop Xaviara from being herself in order to “protect her”. I didn’t feel like I had to question whether I needed to hand in my feminist card at the end. Xaviara is a smart, strong woman and she works hard for her career. She doesn’t accept being treated as lesser and that includes by men, which I really liked. She says what’s on her mind.

Onto the smut. Can we get a hell yeah!!! Sex wasn’t used as a weapon or a threat at any point in the story. Damn that’s refreshing. Full points!!! Also the smut wasn’t the only thing happening. We had a decent plot, interesting side characters and I hope like hell Piotr gets his own book. He has such a tragic past that he needs his own sexy blue alien and some happiness. The actual smut was pretty tame and didn’t over power the romance. The writing style was solid and the book wrapped up so perfectly it left me with a big grin on my face and hunting out book one in the series. I will be purchasing it when it is released and I’ll keep you updated on my alien smut expedition.

I recieved an ebook of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley in return for an honest review. Alien Captain is out now. Pick yourself up a copy HERE.




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