Favourite completed fantasy series

I adore fantasy, especially a completed series. I’m impatient, so knowing I can smash through a complete series makes me happy. Here are a few of my favourite series.

9780765350381Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.

This is probably my favourite series ever. It’s definitely one that got me back into reading fantasy. It has everything, brilliant world building, a wonderful magic system and fantastic characters. There really is something for everyone in this book. The world is drab, with ash falling from the sky, the Skaa are oppressed and under the rule of the nobles. Food is hard to grow, the Skaa are starving. And then along come Kelsier and his team to try to overthrow the Lord Ruler.  Kelsier and his team are more used to pulling con jobs and heists, but to Kelsier, over throwing the Lord Ruler and stealing from him is the ultimate job. We are introduced to his team, they all have a talent that makes them essential and along the way Kelsier comes across Vin, a young girl, abandoned by her brother, just trying to get by on the rough streets, he takes her under his wing and trains her, he helps her develop her talents and her character development is one of the reasons she is a favourite of mine. The details and depth to the world is phenomenal. It is a must read for any fantasy fan, it’s also a great starting place for those who are just getting into fantasy. There are three books in the series and then there is the Wax and Wayne series which is set in the same world, but in the future during an industrial stage. Its kind of Wild West in a city with magic. I don’t often refer to the Wax and Wayne books as Mistborn books. They are good, just not on the same level as the original series. FYI – this is the book that if people say they don’t like it, I silently judge the shit out of them.

isbn9781857230765The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

This isn’t for the faint of heart, not because of the content, but because its 14 books long and each book is huge. It’s the typical story  – The chosen one has to leave his small village and save the world. This book has so many wonderful characters who are just as important as the other. Every character makes the story what it is. The magic systems are complex, the villains aren’t always the obvious choice. The detail in this series always blows me away, we have little things that happen in the early books that are setting up events in the later books. I have no idea how the author kept everything straight in his mind. I’m kind of cheating here though because while I’ve read to book 9 twice, I haven’t actually completed them all.

81ga4vdhbgl-_sl1500_The Broken Empire trilogy by Mark Lawrence

(That’s not the first book cover, I know) In case you have missed all my fangirling in the past, The Broken Empire, is fucking brilliant. To be honest I haven’t actually rated any of the books over 4 stars for some reason, but I should probably do a reread and adjust my rating because these characters are unforgettable. They are brutal, ruthless, determined and sadistic. I freaking love it. Nothing is held back, if you aren’t a fan of reading about violence in ALL its forms, move onto something else, because these characters do not hold back on the violence. Is it weird that I admire Jorg’s determination and dedication to his plans? Jorg has moved into my list of top two characters. I can say this with certainty because if any monster tries to make me choose between all my fictional favourites, he is the first male character that pops into my head. He is memorable. I had never heard of the term Grimdark until long after I had read this book, and now whenever I pick something else up that is considered grimdark, I find they all pale in comparison. Maybe it’s because Jorg is so young. He was trying to kill his dad from such a young age, that all these other books with their older protagonists can’t surprise me. Jorg did all of that and he did it before he was 20. Also the setting is brilliant and embarrassingly it took me until the second book to realise where and when it was set. Such a dumb ass. I think I might do a reread this year and do a proper blog post on it.

thAKFSTDNOThe Ravens Shadow trilogy by Anthony Ryan

Book one, Blood Song, blew me away. We are introduced to Vaelin Al Sorna as he is put on a ship to his possible death. He has been a prisoner of war and during the trip he recounts his life to the chronicler, Lord Vernier. Book 2, Tower Lord, begins where book one finished and we are introduced to new characters and this time we have multiple povs, which brings a whole new depth to the story. It has one of my favourite action scenes in it, so many epic battles. And we pretend the series finished there. Sounds harsh, but its true, read book 3 at your own risk. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve included it, if I didn’t like book 3? Book 1 and 2 are that good, they have brilliant characters, the writing is phenomenal and the action is superb.

IMG_0788Shattered Sea trilogy by Joe Abercrombie

This wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be a gritty, grimdark read. It’s gritty, it has morally bankrupt characters and lots of violence, but it wasn’t dark enough for the mood I was in when I picked up Half A King. Don’t let that fool you though, it was really good, it was interesting, the characters were complex and it was full of action. I think it is more of a YA version of Joe Abercrombie. We have Prince Yarvi, betrayed by his family and left for dead, he vows to retake the throne he never wanted. Half The World was freaking awesome, its told from a different perspective. Thorn Bathu is a badass girl who wants to fight, she is good at it, but not given a proper chance. After an accident, she is sent with Yarvi to assist on his journey. Here she is given the chance to shine, she is encouraged to learn to fight and I can’t think of many who could beat her. She is one of my favourite badass females and she is really well written. In Half A War we move onto another pov which means that while we see Thorn, she isn’t narrating. I missed her. Still a great end to the series. everything is wrapped up nicely.

Have you read any of these?

3 thoughts on “Favourite completed fantasy series”

    1. haha I know right, I was so clueless. Not my brightest moment.

      I was looking through Blood Song yesterday to find a name and I was so tempted to start reading it again. Its brilliant. Book 3 is the book that shall not be mentioned anymore 🙂

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