Bookstagram and blogging, I’m feeling grateful.

It started out as a thank you, but then I just kept rambling.


Just after Christmas I got a package in the mail. I knew it was coming and I was really excited. The lovely Miss Blue  was sending me a book called Riverkeep, she had two copies and knew I was wanting to read it, so bam in the mail it went. But when it arrived, the parcel wasn’t the size of a book, I opened the box (yes a box, not a satchel thing) and my mind was blown. There wasn’t just one book in there, there were four and a wonderful note that made me cry a little. The thought and effort she went to, to pick books I would like blew my mind. Also she bloody nailed it, her picks were freaking excellent.

It got me thinking; this community is so passionate about books, we love books so much that sharing our favourites with others brings us joy. I’m grateful for bookstagram because I can share my obsession, with like-minded people and feel completely comfortable. My loved ones accept that I’m a total book nut, but I’m pretty sure they think I’m odd. I don’t feel odd on here though or on Insta or twitter talking books. My husband is so damn supportive of anything I do, including starting this blog, but I don’t think even he gets how much this all means to me. To have a space to put my thoughts out into the world is amazing, whether people read my blog or not, it’s the bookstagram community that has given me the confidence to do it. To have people who understand how excited I am about a book I just read, or my obsession with authors, or how much I love book mail is quite liberating. I can say that staring at all the wonderful books on my shelves leaves me with warm and fuzzies in my belly and people get it.

I’m pretty introverted and have kids, I can’t really get to a book club meet up, so being able to connect with others online is the next best thing and for the most part my book groups on Facebook are the main reason I can’t bring myself to delete the stupid site. I love seeing what everyone is reading and getting book recommendations.

I’m sometimes told I should get a hobby. Well this is my hobby, its my passion, its how I want to spend my free time. I’m not into sport or going out all the time, I’m not a big fan of watching tv, I’m not a gamer. I like to read, I like to talk about books, I like to take photos of my books and put them on Insta. Books are my happy place.



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